Other Recommended Supplements

Top 2 Supplements of 2013 to Stack!

#1) Testosterone Booster

A testosterone booster helps boost natural testosterone levels which aid in building muscle and burning fat. A side bonus is increased sexual function!

#2) Deer Antler Velvet Spray

Deer Antler Velvet is a highly controversial but highly effective supplement that deserves recognition. The deer antler spray naturally ramps up IGF-1 production inside the body. IGF-1 helps boost HGH levels which builds muscle fast!

Prograde Protein Information

Prograde Nutrition’s Protein Powder has been generating a lot of hype lately. Many people came across the product through bodybuilding forums or word of mouth – I came across it on a forum.

One of the big things I look for in a Protein Powder is what’s used for flavoring. Prograde Protein uses stevia for sweetening, which is a lot higher quality than the traditional sucralose – a big plus.

I know taste may not be an absolute priority for most people so I have outlined more information on prograde protein. Here are some of the unique benefits of Prograde Protein:

  • Unparalleled purity
  • Sweetened with stevia (This is a big deal – sucralose is a much lower quality sweetener, stevia is expensive)
  • Easy to mix
  • Great tasting ( MHM :D )
  • 2 Grams of carbs per serving
  • 5.3 grams of BCAA’s per serving (Low quality protein powders/most have VERY low BCAA content)
  • Gluten free (Big +)
  • No growth hormones (Huge +)


Prograde really did their homework on their protein powder and in effect will eventually force the industry to raise the bar. I think this is awesome.

It is also important to note that Prograde’s Protein Powder is a whey protein powder and doesn’t utilize and cheap soy. Many protein powders contain low quality soy protein! Whey Protein is my absolute favorite, it’s easy on the stomach and it absorbs quickly to help repair muscle tissue fast.

All in all it’s easy to say that I’m a massive fan of Prograde’s protein powder (which Is why I am a proud Prograde partner :) ), check it out!

Prograde Protein Powder – Use this link and discount code “THEBOD15″ to save 15% Off

Prograde Krill Oil Information

The benefits of supplementing with omega 3 are no secret. A fish oil omega 3 supplement can be found in the home of most people now-a-days. Omega 3 really does have some amazing benefits – it can reduce inflammation, help protect against heart attacks and strokes, lower triglycerides, lower cholesterol, improve your mood, improve your cognitive function, reduce body fat, and much more. It really is an amazing supplement.

Most people do not need convincing to consume an omega 3 supplement, however 99% of people take fish oil. The problem is that fish oil omega 3 is an absolute inferior product when compared to krill oil.


The Downside of Fish Oil

I’m absolutely guilty of taking fish oil, for years actually. I had no idea what krill oil was until I stumbled upon the EFA Icon supplement.

The big downside of fish oil is that many of the products come from polluted sources. A lot of fish oil products can potentially contain a bunch of pollutants such as mercury, arsenic, lead and PCBs.

Another big factor was that I always experienced fish burps. Fish burps are a nasty, fish-tasting burp that I experienced often after taking the supplements. I also learned recently that fish oil pills do not absorb well.

In Comes Krill Oil?

Many people haven’t heard of Krill, I had no idea what Krill was. Krill are little crustaceans that live in the ocean and are a tasty food source for whales, penguins, seals, squid, seabirds, and fish. The great part is that the Krill that is used in supplements comes from clean, icy Antartic waters.

Krill Oil Vs Fish Oil

Here are my top reasons that Krill oil is the superior product to fish oil.

  • Increases good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol
  • Reduces joint pain and inflammation (big plus for me because I lift heavy weights)
  • Relieves PMS (Ladies, get yourself some krill!)
  • Improves mood and memory (Can vouch for the mood part :) – I take Krill and vitamin D together)
  • No fishy burps (Fish burps are absolutely DISGUSTING)
  • Smaller than fish oil pills and much much easier to swallow
  • 47x more antioxidants
  • Get ready for this.. Krill oil gets absorbed 500x better than fish oil..500 times.
  • Toxin-free (Huge plus)

Give Krill oil a shot! as a proud Prograde Nutrition partner, I recommend that you check out this product asap!

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Prograde K20 Information

Prograde K20 is a natural testosterone booster produced by Prograde Nutrition.

Most people take test boosters for eight weeks straight followed by four weeks off. Some results that can be expected:

- Libido Increase

- Vascularity

- Better workouts

Test boosters usually take multiple weeks to kick in – In my experience using multiple different test boosters, week four is usually when the best effects come into play: strength increases, crazy recovery, and overall “Alpha” feeling. I haven’t tried K20 YET, but I plan to (The formula is awesome!)

-Long Jack PE

-Avena Sativa


-Cordyceps sinensis

-Rhodiola Rosea

This may sound like jibberish however if you research these ingredients you will find that they are actually backed by science. The sad part about most natural testosterone boosters is that they aren’t backed by science, just fancy labels and silly claims. I really like how Prograde K20 uses scientifically proven ingredients. As you can tell I’m a big fan of Prograde K20, it’s also 100% natural, I can’t wait to try it. If you want to find out more about Prograde K20 or pick up a bottle to try, check it out:

Prograde K20 (Use this link and code THEBOD15 to save 15%)

If you have any questions feel free to post a comment or contact me. I am a proud prograde partner and will help out wherever I can!

Prograde Metabolism Information

Prograde metabolism will help accomplish the following:

- Accelerate fat loss

- Increase metabolism

- Help control appetite

- Boost Energy

- & More

You see I’m not one to believe a product claim simply based on the marketing print. One thing that I love about Prograde is that they have REALLY ugly labels.


Now you may be asking yourself “Why the hell does this matter?”. It matters because it’s very clear where Prograde is investing their money: into the product, and into the research.

When I dug into the ingredients of Prograde Metabolism my suspicion was confirmed! Raspberry Ketones, Caffeine, Citrus Aurantium, AND more.

Just to let you know, I couldn’t find another weight loss product out there that contain ALL three of these awesome ingredients, usually it’s one or the other – go check for yourself!

For the price of Metabolism it is absolutely impossible to go wrong. This may sound over the top but I just love this product, I love honesty in the fitness industry and I love a company willing to put some R&D dollars into their products.

The Conclusion (Read):

Listen, you will lose weight with Prograde Metabolism. That’s the bottom line. However I’m going to recommend the same thing that I tell all of my clients when it comes to supplements. The effects are AMPLIFIED a TON more when you put in the effort. What that means is stop drinking soft drinks and eating cake, and start exercising and eating well. Prograde metabolism used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise is a LETHAL WEAPON against fat. As a proud Prograde Partner I absolutely recommend that you give Metabolism a shot!

Try Prograde Metabolism <<<<<<(Use this link and code THEBOD15 to save 15%, because I love discounts :) )